Call of Duty Deep Water
Call of Duty Mobile season five, In Deep Water is about to end late in July, will keep going for about a month, similar to the rest of previous seasons so far.

In COD:Deep Water acquainted a few new highlights with the mobile game, which includes new map, weapons, operator skills, etc.

The three new maps that have dropped this season are Suldal Harbor, Docks, and Aniyah Incursion. Suldal Harbor is a medium-sized map and supports the entirety of multiplayer modes like team deathmatch and domination. Docks, then again, is a minuscule map situated close to a London shipyard. It just backups the gunfight and one-versus one duel modes.

At last, Aniyah Incursion is situated in Central Asia. It just supports one mode, the new Ground Mission. This is a 10-versus 10 domination with five capture points.

The new tech weapons that have shown up this season are the CR-56 AMAX and Shorty. While the previous is an assault rifle, the Shorty is a double barreled shotgun that has showed up on other Call of Duty seasons as the 725.

In deep water will end on July 29, as indicated by the in-game countdown timer on the battle pass menu. As Activision generally utilizes times in GMT, this ought to be July 28 at 7pm CT when represented the time distinction. You will have up to that point to progress through all levels of the fight pass and complete the occasional missions. The patch update for the 6th season ought to be delivered around this time. Season six ought to likewise start off not long after it so hold your horses call of duty Philippines fans Esports gamer!

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