Season 7 has just ended, and tons from the gaming community enjoyed and loved the new content the Call of Duty season has to offer

Assumptions and interests for season 8 increment hugely, and the developers will have a ton of strain to convey an incredible new season.

The game has been truly outstanding on mobile in the most recent couple of months, and ideally, it will keep rising its popularity when season 8 comes out.

Here is all that you need to think about Call of Duty Mobile Season 8:

Release Date

With season 7 just delivered late, the official release date for season 8 isn’t right now known. At the point when it is revealed, we will update this content.


There have been many leaks uncovered around the new season, and season 8 ought to convey a ton of great substance as it will be delivered during the second commemoration of the game.

One YouTube video has given us significant leaks, which are the accompanying:


A new score streak is coming in season 8, and it is one that the COD enthusiasts know well. Lightning Strike will be accessible in Season 8, and it is the equivalent score streak in Black Ops 4.


Season 8 will likewise see Operators have another ability. It is Tak 5, and this expertise will enable players to mend themselves just as their teammates. It additionally gives them 50 additional health.


Famous Call of Duty map Hovec Sawmill will also be added to the game. It is the map that many would have played during Modern Warfare.


Iron Lungs will be another advantage for COD mobile players. It may have the option to be utilized on Sniper classes.


Near another season being delivered, players are blessed to receive another trailer by the COD Mobile devs. For the present, we have not been blessed to receive this trailer. At the point when it is delivered, we will show the video here.

Battle Pass

The details of the battle pass are not yet released until a week or two. Before the season is released, players still have some time to wait until this is announced.


It has been revealed that there will be a beta test work for the following server in the middle of seasons 7 and 8.

There is a great deal of thought about the new season as of now, and it makes most of the call of duty Philippines fans exceptionally excited for what could be coming when it is revealed.

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