CS GO is overflowing with high-damaging weapons at each value point. However, here are our top five picks for the most elevated damaging armaments beloved by the online games Philippines aficionados and esport Philippines gamers.

CS GO has no lack of weapons that harm. The purchase menu offers high-damage weapons for various playstyles and different price points, from one-tap rifles to spraying machines. There’s a ton to think about when buying toward the beginning of the round. This also incorporates your present monetary status, your group’s loadout, and your inclination. Here is our rundown of the best, most elevated harm firearms in CS GO

UMP – The modest choice

SMGs are not the favorite choice in CS GO, but instead, they fill a specific need. When you’re an eco or fractional purchase round, this is possibly the ideal alternative. A fast rate of fires, decent accuracy from short to mid-range, and surprisingly severe damage makes it a very versatile weapon. However, SMGs are not the ideal choice for complete buy rounds; this can assist you with coasting by less favorable circumstances.

Desert Eagle – The most value for your money

Low purchase or complete eco rounds are regularly a concession to misfortune, but the Desert Eagle (or Deagle) makes it undeniably more combative. It doesn’t have an exceptionally high discharge pace, yet the harm per slug merits the moderately negligible venture. However, with a gun, the damage managed by the Deagle is higher than most SMGs, LMGs, and attack rifles.

AWP – The best quality of full buy

Nothing else might top the rundown but the AWP. The AWP is a one-hit kill. However, the excessive cost tag frequently makes the weapon a costly bet. The AWP is regularly saved for full-purchase adjusts and ordinarily doesn’t surpass two for every group. The rifle is the most incredible at securing down destinations and rebuffing avaricious pinnacles. However, it isn’t appropriate for each circumstance. Regularly different rifles can fill a similar need and are less rebuffing for those with no heavenly point. However, when the AWP has a skilled player, there could be no more excellent weapon.

AK-47 – The T-side weapon of choice

Among attack riflers, the AK-47 is unrivaled. T-side is regularly troubled with making the first pushes, yet the AK-47 is the ideal instrument to make it happen. Notwithstanding your adversary’s covering, a one-tap to the head is sufficient to down any foe. Showering ought to just be held for tight situation circumstances or through smokes, as the weapon is relatively unstable in such a manner despite having significant damage. At a moderately lower value point, the AK-47 ought to be your go-to on T-side, and as a CT, never wonder whether or not to get one too.

M4A4 – The CT staple

The M4A4 is what could be compared to the AK-47, however marginally disparate in a few viewpoints. It is a more flexible alternative because of its predominant exactness, improving it for splashes. However, with somewhat high harm, the rifle does not have the one-tap capability of the AK-47 and will require altogether more shots. All things considered, as far as lucid damage yield, this is as yet the best rifle accessible for CTs on an entire buy round.

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