Dust 2 Map Changes

As Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Operation Riptide gets rolling, another fix that carries a lot of changes to a few of the FPS game’s new, community-made maps. Valve has shared patch notes for CS: GO’s October 7 update, which folds in changes and dust 2 map changes updates to County, Basalt, Ravine, and the sky is the limit from there.


The practically Far Cry 5-like map that got CS: GO together with Op. Riptide – is in for the most significant round of changes. Valve had carried out fixes that address things like impact on aspen tree models, different other “stuck spots” that were happening when players hopped, and worldwide sound on bunker entryways. The studio’s likewise worked on the crash on cliff models in the map, shallowed out the cascade floor so players could get things, and fixed some gliding objects.


In the meantime, it has got some new elements. There’s currently a front counter at B Connector, an additional window in the Red Barn, and, er, “a fuzzy carpet.” Valve’s additionally taken out A’s railing to make development simpler and made some visual moves up to bombsite An and Red Barn – also, some minor ones across the entire map.


Ravine’s stuck spot close to the spawn region has been fixed up, and there are cutting fixes and a refreshed radar on that map, as well. Dust 2 has got two minor changes, the vis blocker has been resigned from T spawn to mid, and an erroneous wall bang spot has been blocked off. In contrast, Insertion 2 has a redesigned glass surface for its office windows “to make it simpler to see from inside if the glass is broken or not” and some other minor changes.

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