Qualifiers for The International 10 have been running throughout the most recent couple of weeks, leaving just two provincial qualifiers left: China and Western Europe.

China has ten groups contending in the qualifier which is the least of any area. This is expected to have four Chinese groups qualify straightforwardly to TI10 through the DPC points, in particular PSG.LGD, Invictus Gaming, Vici Gaming, and Team Aster. China has the biggest provincial portrayal at the current year’s TI and properly so after IG and PSG.LGD set first at the Singapore Major and AniMajor, separately.

The qualifier will run from July 7 to July 10. Here is the timetable for day 1:


They never fully made the main stage this year. In season one they lost a sudden death round to PSG.LGD to go to Singapore, then, at that point incredibly failed to meet expectations in season two. The experience and the individual ability are absolutely there from Elephant’s players, however, the team chemistry and coordination have been missing in the course of recent months. Elephant as of late traded position five-player Ru “RedPanda” Zhihao, who had been in the group since the start, for Royal Never, Give Up’s Xie “Super” Junhao. With the four groups who have impeded Elephant from global contest gone, will they show the world what truly they are made of?


An association that has been around since the beginning of Dota. Despite the fact that they were once viewed as China’s ideal, EHOME has mishandled in the course of recent years and hasn’t been able to TI since TI6. They didn’t glance too hot in the current year’s DPC, sitting in the upper-division without meeting all requirements to one or the other Major, like Elephant. Another group is comprised of experienced and able players including ex PSG.LGD players Jian Wei “xNova” Yap and Yang “Goblet”‘ Shenyi just as take player Liu “Sylar” Jiajun, can this group reestablish EHOME to its previous wonder?

Imperial Never Give Up

This Dota 2 Esports team came into the Dota scene back in late 2018 and has gone through numerous roster revamps. They prominently took out Virtus. pro and Alliance from TI9, however, haven’t had an excessive number of LAN appearances. The crew started in the Lower Division in season one and advanced into the Upper Division where they set seventh. They have had some dreary outcomes in the course of recent months however the crew absolutely can possibly make a profound spat on this qualifier.

A few of the lower division groups have been coasting around the Chinese scene and periodically coordinate with a portion of the greater names. Phoenix Gaming and LBZS are two of these groups, who as of late positioned first and second in the Lower Division, separately. These two groups have once in a while removed series from some top-level groups. With little space to save in these qualifiers, if these groups get on a hot streak it could lead them to TI esport games.

Try not to pass up some great qualifiers!

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