The International 10

The Internation 10 DOTA 2 tournament is back in Europe, last held in 2011,
It was an epic game between Navi and Ehome. And Of course, Dendi carries the Team and wins the Aegis Of the Champions. But this time, Philippines Dota 2 fans will not see Dendi play on any team; teams that made it to the TI 10 are the following:

Invited Teams

Evil Geniuses – Dota Pro Circuit #1

2 PSG.LGD – – Dota Pro Circuit #2

3 – Dota Pro Circuit #3

4 Quincy Crew – Dota Pro Circuit #4

5 Invictus Gaming – Dota Pro Circuit #5

6 T1 – Dota Pro Circuit #6

7 Vici Gaming – Dota Pro Circuit #7

8 Team Secret – Dota Pro Circuit #8

9 Team Aster – Dota Pro Circuit #9

10 Alliance – Dota Pro Circuit #10

11 Beastcoast – Dota Pro Circuit #11

12 Thunder Predator – Dota Pro Circuit #12

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Qualified Team:

1 Team Undying – North America Qualifier

2 SG esports –South America Qualifier

3 OG – Western Europe Qualifier

4 Team Spirit – Eastern Europe Qualifier

5 Elephant – China Qualifier

6 Fnatic – Southeast Asia Qualifier

Online bettors Philippines are excited to see their Fav team, TI, where the Pilipino Favorite player KUKU Palad is a captain for the new and 1st timer to compete on DOTA 2 The International. While the Philippines E sport fans will not see the Philippine base team TNC Predator to the TI10, They will support their former captain KUKU Palad.

Group Stage Will start on October 7th To October 10th, 2021
And the Main Event is from October 12th to October 17th, 2021.

Prize Allocation

Final Price Pool: $40,018,195 USD

1st TBD$18,208,27945.5%
2nd TBD$5,202,36513%
3rd TBD$3,601,6389%
4th TBD$2,401,0926%
5th TBD$1,400,6373.5%
6th TBD$1,400,6373.5%
7th TBD$1,000,4552.5%
8th TBD$1,000,4552.5%
9th TBD$800,3642%
10th TBD$800,3642%
11th TBD$800,3642%
12th TBD$800,3642%
13th TBD$600,2731.5%
14th TBD$600,2731.5%
15th TBD$600,2731.5%
16th TBD$600,2731.5%
17th TBD$100,0450.25%
18th TBD$100,0450.25%

All Teams are on the practice and training to win AEGIS OF CHAMand the extravagant US$18.2 million winning prize. We will indeed witness an excellent and exciting game for all these teams.

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