What’s up, Esport Philippines fans, Indeed the Aegis of Champions hangs in the balance. The International Dota 2 Championships start in under one week. The present update acquaints new ways to engage with Dota’s crowning event to assist with setting the stage. Join the fun by picking your number one players and teams, supporting the casters and talents by buying signatures, voting for the community’s award-worthy short films, and much more.

Compendium Reward Line

The International Compendium is your intuitive manual for the current year’s competition, and it’s stacked with new and returning provisions that are free to all players. Advance along with a fresh out of the plastic new award line highlighting The International 2021 Lineage Treasure, which includes nine previously-released hero sets reworked into this year’s distinctive black and gold. Guarantee a commemorative emoticon immediately at Level 1, and acquire more levels to get to another custom HUD skin, loading screens, and teleport effects for your favorite team.

Acquire Compendium Points to move along the award line in various ways:

• Make your Tournament Predictions – who will be the most played heroes? Which player will have the highest number of kills? Earn points by simply filling out each category, and even more for each prediction you get correct.

• Fill out your Player Card rosters. Earn points for having 1/8/18 full teams,

• Choose your Fantasy lineups for each day. At the end of each day, players in the top 10%/25%/50% of total fantasy points earned for that day will earn Compendium Points, and those who land top 10%/25%/50% overall will score another big bonus bundle of points at the end of the event.

• Once the Group Stage has ended, fill in your Bracket Predictions for the Main Event. It’s a battle of who can guess best, and you’ll earn Compendium Points based on how many you predict correctly.

• While watching matches during the Group Stage and Main Event, try your luck at In-Game Predictions and earn 100 Compendium Points per correct prediction, up to six per day.

• Join a Supporter’s Club – all club members will automatically receive 200 Compendium Points whenever their team wins a match, up to a max of 10,000 points.

This prize line is just accessible until the competition is over, so make a point to present every one of your forecasts and check in as often as possible to take advantage of it. Yeah, I am conversing with you Dota 2 Philippines fans!

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