Less than two weeks away from the start of The International 10, Valve has delivered a new gameplay update that rescales a ton of moves today in some latest possible moment adjusting before the greatest Dota 2 event of the year and might be a bit of a big deal for some DOTA 2 Esport Philippines players.

The 7.30d patch changes, according to most fans, includes Clinkz settling the score more grounded, Silencer taking critical nerfs, and some general disarray at the phrasing of modifications made to Zeus’ Static Field.

For the Zeus changes, Thundergod’s Wrath was polished to scale damage from 300/400/500 to 300/425/550, yet Static Field saw the accompanying change:

  • Damage no longer considers HP removal (Heavenly Jump would now be able to put blink dagger on cool down and influences impacts that are dropped by damage like healing salve).

This at first puzzled a few players perusing the patch, yet it implies that rather than essentially eliminating HP from opposing heroes, the move will actively deal damage. This will allow it to interact with more abilities, effects, and items directly.

Clinkz is already a pretty strong hero generally, and presently Burning Barrage will do five extra percent in total attack damage, up to 65 percent from 60%. Furthermore, Burning Barrage Arrows were expanded to in addition to three as a level 20 Talent.

Silencer got some sizable nerf, with the Arcane Curse Silence Penalty Multiplier decreased from 2x to 1.7x and Last Word’s Scepter Radius going from 650 to 500. Individuals are still effectively calling for more Vengeful Spirit nerfs. However, this patch just influenced her by diminishing her Agility Gain from 3.4 to 3.2. Other heroes like Tiny, Tinker, and Bane had a few maneuvers nerfed and rescaled to be somewhat more balanced, while others like Broodmother, Timbersaw, and Wraith King saw buffs for similar reasons. Moreover, a few Neutral Items and Overwhelming Bling were likewise modified.

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