Notail and Topson

OG will undoubtedly get in the DPC 2021-2022 period with a brand-new roster, as the organization announced the separations of NotaiL and Topson.

What can be said that has not currently been said about Johan Sundstein? Founder, captain, friend, fabulous gamer, 4 significant winners, 2 times TI Champion … The sunflower child himself. If Ceb is the brains of OG, N0tail is most certainly the heart.

In 2015 when he started OG, he committed himself to the image of producing a company where players and workers could create in a risk-free and respectful setting. Every day he obeyed those values and assisted OG to grow while he captained the most successful DOTA team in history. However, after over 35 Lans, 9 majors, and 5 TIs with OG, he has reached a high point of personal exhaustion and needs pause from completing as a gamer.

” I’m directly taking at the very least a year off, taking a health and wellness break… For now, all I understand is that I need a break. I’m extremely content, extremely delighted. I’m fortunate to have played with the individuals I’ve played with for the past two years. I feel fulfilled. But I require a break.”– Johan “N0tail” Sundstein

” Johan is the light that guides OG onward. But being that source of light is particularly draining pipes on him. He is always there for every person, always giving. However, throughout 2015 we can see how tired he was. You could feel it. He needs a break. And also, no one deserves it extra because no person gives greater than him. To every job, to every task, and every person around him. He needs a break, and he is most likely to have all our love as well as support while we make a little room for him.”– JMR Luna.

What’s next?

Johan and Seb have always been highly open concerning their intentions to create the brand-new generation of OG Dota. With this dedication in mind, Johan will be staying with the new lineup of OG Dota to mentor them, work with them at the Lisbon Sunflower house, and transfer all the knowledge and expertise they have gathered throughout this long journey.

” I think it is crucial that professional gamers collaborate with new gamers and also help them create. After all, during all these years, we have learned numerous things. Regarding Dota, regarding ending up being a great teammate, it is to be a professional gamer. That expertise needs to be shared. We don’t desire the next variation of OG to be a carbon copy of the existing one. However, if we can transfer what we understand and let them contribute to this, the ceiling will certainly be a lot higher, and we can help them arrive quickly. With any luck, save them from several of our blunders:-RRB-“– N0tail

Last but not least, Johan will certainly likewise be concentrating much more on streaming and producing material throughout this break. Dota material, perhaps material concerning his long-time enthusiasm for gardening, maybe pick back up the podcast we as soon as did. I think everybody will certainly need to wait and see what he has in supply for us.

Both NotaiL and Topson will undoubtedly give way for a new Dota 2 lineup for OG, as both have announced their departure from the team’s active roster. NotaiL will surely continue to be with the group to coach and advise whoever the new gamers will certainly be. The company has yet to announce its brand-new lineup, even with the DPC roster lock deadline currently has come past.

Meanwhile, OG revealed that their celebrity midlaner Topson will require time off the team to focus on his new family. Topson has recently become a dad, and he wishes to spend even more time with his household, mainly since he invested his son’s first year far from him.

Soon after OG’s statements, previous OG player and two-time TI champion Jerax have been disclosed to be the brand-new placement five support for Wickedness Geniuses. This news followed OG’s news of Ceb’s retirement and the departures of Saksa and SumaiL. On the other hand, the fifth guy in the iconic two-time TI championship OG lineup, ana, has yet to move for the DPC 2021-2022 season. Whether he remains retired, yet the team has teased a possible return for the young superstar.

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