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OG offlaner Ceb a two-time The International (TI) champ Sébastien “Ceb” Debs introduced on Thursday ( November 18,2021) that he is retiring from professional Dota 2 after over a year of contending.
Ceb said in a declaration that his decision to finish his expert profession came after he recognized he no longer had the drive to proceed to compete at the highest degree of Dota 2.
” The win-or-die way of thinking, which has driven the entirety of my job … I do not have it in me anymore. I never commit to a team or individuals unless I understand I’m ready to provide every decrease of energy as well as every second of my time right into it,” said Ceb.

Ceb’s retirement leaves a space not just in OG Esports yet in the Dota community all at once. The heritage of Ceb drew back when he was a French gamer in the very early days of the Dota scene that went by 7ckingMad. After several stints on small French groups such as MTW and Sigma.int, Ceb eventually considered retirement. Nonetheless, he was not indicated to leave Dota behind as OG contacted him to be their trainer at the end of 2016. Signing up with OG would certainly rejuvenate his job as OG won the Manila, Kyiv, and Boston Majors under his coaching. With Tal “Fly” Aizik and Gustav “s4” Magnusson leaving the group, Ceb would certainly rejoin OG as an offlaner and lead the company to 2 back-to-back International wins in The International 8 and also 9– an accomplishment that has yet to be duplicated.

The 2021 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season has been challenging for OG’s offlaner due to health issues that forced him to undertake two eye surgical treatments in less than a year.

The second of those two surgeries significantly came only nine days before TI10, with OG being afraid as Ceb might miss out on this year’s version of Dota 2’s yearly globe championship event.

The offlaner exposed that he was undertaking a retinal detachment in his left eye, which he was a couple of hrs far from “losing view irreversibly,” adding that the news “seemed like the skies breaking down on me.”
Luckily, Ceb was cleared by his doctors to play in TI10 and join OG in their campaign for a third-straight Aegis of Champions.

Despite a solid start in the Team Stage, OG stumbled in its first match, generally Occasion versus Key, and was fallen to the lower bracket.

While the two-time champs survived their first elimination suit versus Quincy Team, their wish for a three-peat was dashed after they obtained swept out of the tournament by ultimate TI10 champions Esprit de corps.
Shortly after OG’s loss to Spirit, Ceb hinted at his ultimate retirement by stating in a tweet that TI10 was his “last competition.”

“As long as I could taste it, it kept me going. When I understood that this point was not as strong with this roster, perhaps it revealed to me just how it was most likely time to look at the sacrifices and determine whether they deserve it. Currently, also my body is obtaining harmed by it. And also, I need to listen to my own body. As long as I have given to this video game, I can not do it anymore,” stated Ceb.

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