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The matches of the departments I & II of the local Dota Pro Circuit organizations have ended, and almost all the participants of the upcoming ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 have become understood. Esports Charts will inform you about the results and viewership statistics of the 2nd round of Dota Pro Circuit in Western Europe, Southeast Asia, China, and North and South America in the new post.

ESL One Stockholm 2022 will be the first major of the competitive season in Dota 2 as the winter months occasion was changed with local finals due to the coronavirus. Likewise, this will be the initial Dota 2 tournament, given that at the beginning of the pandemic, followers will have the ability to participate. 3 each from Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia; and two each from North and South America. 4 teams from China will undoubtedly miss the significance of factors unidentified at the time of the magazine (among the possible reasons is regional COVID restrictions). Nonetheless, they will undoubtedly participate in DPC CN Trip 2 Regional Final, which will be hung on May 6-8.

EU tournament canceled the second trip of the DPC to Eastern Europe because of the battle in Ukraine. However, at the end of April, Valve still organized a special tournament to choose the strongest teams in the area for the Major. Valve will undoubtedly discuss the outcomes of the DPC EEU 2021/2022 Excursion 2 Playoffs in a different write-up after the completion of the occasion.

Dota Pro Circuit DIVISION I

Western Europe has shown the most effective viewership indicators amongst the first divisions. Overall, DPC WEU 2021/2022 Excursion 2 Department I broadcasts gathered practically 7M Hrs Watched and 184.8 K Peak Visitors, which is 13% and 15% worse than the previous trip, respectively. At the same time, the event’s Average Audience decreased by 19%.

OG came to be the event leader in terms of Average Audiences, while Team Key was leading in regards to Hours Viewed. Unsurprisingly, the match between these teams ended up being the most prominent suit of the tournament.

Western Europe is experiencing a generational adjustment: the relatively young rosters of OG, Garmin Gladiators, Group Liquid, and Expanse Esports qualified for the Major. Meanwhile, the Dota 2 veterans from Team Key and Nigma Galaxy were excluded from one of the most significant tournaments of the year. At the same time, the roster of KuroKy was even relegated right to the second department.

Southeast Asia took the second area in terms of viewership because of the absence of Eastern Europe, where Dota 2 is incredibly prominent. The region has improved its viewership indications compared to the outcomes of the first round. Its Hrs Saw, Optimal Viewers, and Typical Customers expanded by 23%, 18%, and 19%.

Interestingly, Southeast Asia was the only region where Russian-language programs fell short of entering the leading 5 regarding Top Viewers. In addition, a significant number of viewers followed the matches of the event not just on Twitch yet likewise on YouTube.

Fnatic, BOOM Esports, and also T1 ended up being the most effective teams at DPC SEA 2021/2022 Trip 2 Department I. T1 also became the most-watched group, while BOOM led in Ordinary Audiences. The match between these 2 groups also became the most preferred one of the event, collecting 111.2 K Top Visitors.

North America was the third most preferred region among the initial divisions. Unlike the previous DPC excursion, its Hours Watched and Peak Customers signs visited 20% and 13%, respectively. Evil Geniuses and TSM became the event’s best and most preferred groups, with the Peak Viewers mark of 69.2 K being reached throughout their match.

The numbers of the first departments of China and South America are almost similar. Yet, the Dota Pro Circuit SA 2021/2022 Excursion 2 Division I attracted more Peak Audiences, while the DPC CN 2021/2022 Tour 2 Division I generated slightly more Hours Seen. PSG.LGD, Xtreme Video Gaming, Team Aster, and Royal Never Surrender came to be the best Chinese groups, and Thunder Awaken, in addition to the east coast, will undoubtedly be standing for South America at the Major.

It ought to be additionally kept in mind that South America was the only region where Facebook Video gaming gathered a lot more Peak Visitors than Twitch. Interestingly, the video games in China were primarily seen by Russian-speaking audiences.

Dota Pro Circuit 2nd Divisions

If in the first division, the teams were fighting for slots in ESL One Stockholm Major 2022, then in the second division, the battle was for getting involved in the big leagues. Going into the very first division of DPC 2021/2022 will be goon squad, Partnership (EEU), RSG and Talon Esports (SEA), 5RATFORCESTAFF, and also felt (NA), Dandelion Esport Club, and also Aster. Aries (CN), SG esports, and Wolf Team (SA).

The circumstance about the appeal of regions in the 2nd division of the DPC virtually wholly coincides with the initial department. Yet, China still surpassed South America in all metrics. DPC WEU 2021/2022 Excursion 2 Division II handled to outperform the first departments of China, North, and South America.

The DPC EEU 2021/2022 Tour 2 Championship is being held in a reduced format and will end on May 2nd. The top 3 teams of the occasion will go to the Major, as well as the team that takes the last location will come under the 2nd division.

ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 will occur May 12-20 at the Hovet Sector in Stockholm, Sweden. As part of the competition, it was prepared to bet $500 thousand and 3.53 thousand DPC factors, yet the policies may change due to the lack of Chinese groups.

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