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High-profile DOTA 2 team, Team Aster declared through a Weibo post that few individuals from the group had tested positive for Covid-19, including three players. This news comes only eight days before the start of DOTA 2’s $40 million competition, The International, which is booked for October 7, 2021, surprising fans all over the globe, most especially Dota 2 esport Philippines aficionados.

The post, translated by the site joinDOTA, states that the three players who tested positive were the teams’ carry, Du “Monet” Peng, offlaner, Lin “Xxs” Jing, and backing, Ye “BoBoKa” Zhibiao. For those of you who are new to DOTA 2, that is three of just five colleagues. Throw in their mentor, Han “Mad” Cheng, who additionally tested positive, and you have pretty much the direst outcome imaginable for the group.

Fortunately, the four other Chinese groups that Team Aster shares lodging have remained symptoms-free. However, they’re looking out for official test outcomes.

A significant group catching Covid-19 and four others still up in the air days before The International is a total nightmare. Particularly given the way that the competition was at that point postponed twice: first, by the worldwide pandemic and second, on account of Sweden’s refusal to provide visas to the groups since they didn’t think esports were real sports.

Over the last two years, professional sporting events, electronic or E-games, have been forced to get creative by creating weird bubbles for their players to live in, or cruel, by treating the season like business as usual and sacrificing player health in the process, and this is just another instance of the phenomenon.

It is strategically hard to get a lot of individuals to all go to a similar spot and not get the profoundly contagious illness, exceptionally when those individuals all must be in an identical room playing a game. For the couple of you unconvinced that esports are real sport, take this bleak situation as your sign that yes, esports is just regular sports now.

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