Team T1

Day One of the DOTA 2 The International, Team T1 had a slow start after losing their 1st and 2nd match against Invictus Games(IG), and Evil Geniuses (EG) with an outstanding performance T1 Commit some mistakes that resulted in their upset loss to the said Team.

2nd Day T1 recovered after analyzing their mistake and shortcoming finally won their 3rd match against Virtus PRO (VP) and regained their momentum. Still, the same day the 4th match was against the defending champion, the OG, they fought a great fight, but the pressure that they were facing was tough, T1 took only one mistake, and OG used it to end the Game they didn’t give them a chance to recover 2-0 in favor of OG was the result of the Game.

With the bad standing three losses and only have one win, they after in the edge of the Game to go to face the lower bracket if they can’t get a win with remaining matches.

3rd day the DOTA 2 The International recognized the team T1

T1 Team gets the respect they deserve from the DOTA 2 Community after they win the intense three matches game they face against TEAM Aster, Alliance, and TEAM UNDYING, one expected this to happen since the T1 just joined the TI for the 1st time.

T1 Secure the Upper Bracket Of the TI10

4th day is just a typical day for T1 after defeating the Team Thunder Pro, expecting and preparing a possible tiebreaker for Team Alliance. Still, Fortunately, the Team they are hoping to face loses the match against the Team Undying, which makes it favorable to the Team as they automatically move to the Upper Bracket match Facing the defending champ OG.

And that’s the latest Esports news update for all the DOTA 2 Philippines fans; the T1 Team makes us all proud, especially the Philippine Betting Community.

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