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Fav Team TNC members Armel, Tims, Gabby, Bok & boomy are now on free agency after TNC Predator Management made a big move that broke the heart of the esport Philippines fans and the even Philippines betting fans.

TNC Predator Management released this news on Twitter on September 15, 2021, and it said:

If we remember, TNC always qualified in DOTA 2 The International, but this year is not their time to shine after losing the qualifying round against FNATIC. They brought joy and made us proud in every game they played, the Morphling and Eart Shacker Combo of Gabby and Tims, the epic black hole of Enigma by Tims. and Mid Laner Armel, who played very well.

What are we going to expect now with every team member? For sure a lot of esport companies will indeed welcome them as new team members. And what can we expect from TNC management? Are they going to choose the all Filipino lineup still? Every decision they made surely gets the support of every Filipino Esport Fans.

Many tribute videos are now circulating online, showing support and love to all the members of the TNC, still waiting for any update on what team they will play next or they are going to play as a new group. Supports of Philippines esport fans are always there waiting for their next mode.

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