Number 1 esports games

In recent years DOTA 2 has been the most played esports game around the globe, and in its last tournament, the prize pool hit the all-time high record of $40,018,195. With many new games circulating, the question is whether DOTA 2 is still the current number 1 esports game?

With over 250 million people who are into the esports game, we can’t hide the fact the growth of esports is phenomenal; here is the list of the most dominant game worldwide:


Still firm with the most popular game to follow, the game was released in 2013, and the total prize money is awarded $224 Million plus. This kind of award can magnet a vast audience and players. And even Esports company keeps on growing to recruit talented Dota 2 gamers. The most anticipating game that DOTA 2 Esports is The INTERNATIONAL; this year, we are all waiting for the following TI 11 Schedule to be announced.


Games were released in 2012, and the total prize awarded is $96 million. Before Dota2, CS: GO was the current 1 esports game; I remember a lot of students and teenagers are spending a lot of time playing this game than staying at school. Some made a fortune invited by esports companies and now. This game a played between 2 teams, counter-terrorist vs. terrorist. Two teams have different goals. The Terrorist team is to take them hostage and plant a bomb. The counter-terrorist goal is to save the hostage and defuse the bomb; both teams can annihilate to win the game. It needs a lot of practice and team effort to be an efficient esports player.


Fortnite was released in 2017. The total prize money they awarded was $89 Million; Epic Games developed the games with three modes:

  • Save the World – is a survival game fighting zombie creatures, and up to 4 players can play it.
  • Battle Royal: 100 players are allowed to participate in the game, and the last man standing, or a team, will be declared a winner!
  • Creative – A sandbox mode where players can have creative control over the game.

And that’s our top 3 most popular Esports games, which even esports bettors in the Philippines are waiting and anticipating.

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