LCK Summer 2021

The LCK Summer 2021 Split Standing is back, and ten teams will fight for the title of the LCK Summer Split titleholders.

Ten Esport teams will battle it out in the double round-robin group stage. The top six teams will progress to the playoffs with a restructured setup that made its introduction in the last split. A LCK Summer champion will be crowned on the 15th of August.

During the regular season, matches will be on a best of three series, whereas the playoffs will be on a best of five series. Even if even if they don’t win the overall series, getting the big dub every game is vital since it upturns the sum of points a team has.

The league is jam-packed with old-timer E-sport stars and super rookies. Team like DWG KIA is coming off an unfortunate defeat against RNG in the Mid-season invitational finals. Lacking several roster alterations happening over the mid-season break, teams will most probably execute the same corresponding playing style they displayed throughout the last split. One vital adjustment coming into the Summer Split, however, is the switch period, which was restricted to avoid team members continuously swapping in and out every week.

Below are the standings and stats of the current LCK Summer Split 2021 season after four weeks of play:

RankTeam NameSeriesGamesPoints
2DWG KIA5-312-8+4
3Liiv SANDBOX5-312-9+3
4Nongshim RedForce5-312-10+2
5Afreeca Freecs5-311-9+2
7KT Rolster3-511-10+1
8Fredit BRION3-59-11-2
9Hanwha Life Esports3-57-12-5

Hurry up now and catch up on the game and bet resposibly.

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