LoL game worlds is not exactly a month away, and here is how to watch the greatest esports occasion of the year.

The 2021 League of Legends Worlds Champions quickly draws closer, starting on October fifth and going through November sixth. As usual, this occasion will be divided into three phases where 22 of the world’s best groups will vie for the Summoners Cup. The event will be visible on Twitch and Youtube, on the official Riot Games broadcast just as chosen co-streaming stages.


Not every team will be slotted into the main Worlds events. For every one of the groups from significant areas (LCS/LEC/LCK/LPL) who are coming in as the third or fourth seed, they should earn their way to Worlds. Like the TCL, LLA, LCO, and more, Wildcard regions will have only one spot and begin in the play-ins. These teams will be set in two brackets of five, where the top team from the two brackets advance further. The third and fourth spot groups will contend in a Bo5 to choose the last group to come to the headliner.

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Group Stage

Maybe the most exciting part of Worlds, four groups will be drawn with the excess sixteen groups left. Per regular, the groups will play a double round-robin effort, with the main two progressing to the knockout stages. Any ties will be settled with sudden death round matches between groups. The gathering stage appears to be more, as groups like FunPlus Phoenix, EDG, Damwon Kia, T1, MAD, and 100 Thieves are already slotted in.

The Knockout Stage

The knockout stage is the most significant stakes season finisher section any group could contend in the entire year. A solitary end section will highlight eight groups battling through quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the terrific finals. The victor will lift the Summoners Cup and engraving their name in LoL esports history, and this is the moment that every fan and league of legends online lover is waiting for.

The grand finals of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship will be played on Nov. 6.

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