The greatest mobile legend esports occasion throughout the entire existence of MLBB is practically here. From Dec. 6 to 19, the best 16 groups from around the globe will clash for the title of M3 world champions and a portion of the $800,000 prize pool.

The offline occasion will occur at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center. The last three days of the competition, from Dec. 17 to 19, will be played before a live crowd, and tickets for it have as of now sold out.

One North American group will likewise be contending in the M3 World Championship. BTK, which won the NA qualifier, will convey the area’s expectation in the big showdown. While they have overwhelmed locally, this will be whenever that BTK first will confront groups from around the world.

Here are subtleties you want to be familiar with in the M3 World Championship.

Match Format

The M3 World Championship will occur across two phases: the gathering stage, trailed by the end of the season games.

End of the season games

The end of the season games will occur from Dec. 11 to 19. The two excess groups will contend in the fabulous finals from 3am CT on Dec. 19 (Sunday) to crown a title holder.

Group Stage (Dec. 6 to 9)

The 16 teams have been split into four groups of four teams each.

They will compete in a single-round robin format.

No team will be eliminated in the group stage. Its rankings will only be used to decide the seedings for the playoffs.


Group A

Blacklist International (Philippines)

Red Canids Kalunga (Brazil)

Malvinas Gaming (Peru)

Bedel (Turkey)

Group B

Onic Esports (Indonesia)

Onic Philippines (Philippines)

Todak (Malaysia)

Vivo Keyd (Brazil)

Group C

Evos Esports (Singapore)

SeeYouSoon (Cambodia)

Na’Vi (CIS)


Group D

Team SMG (Malaysia)

RRQ (Indonesia)

GX Squad (Middle East)

RSG (Singapore)

Playoffs (Dec. 11 to 19)

The Playoff stage will feature a double-elimination bracket.

The top teams from each group will make it to the upper bracket, while the bottom two will start from the lower bracket.


Matches will be airing on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.


Group Stage

Group A matches: Dec. 6, Monday (12am CT onwards)

Group B matches: Dec. 7, Tuesday (12am CT onwards)

Group C matches: Dec. 8, Wednesday (12am CT onwards)

Group D matches: Dec. 9, Thursday (12am CT onwards)

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