Axie tokens

While most digital currencies are trending down, an Axie token called axie infinity is soaring high and has reached at new value highs leaping to $21.55 on Tuesday. The Axie Infinity stage has seen gigantic interest lately in Asian countries particularly with online games Philippines fanatics, and different tokens from the gaming economy like “smooth love potion or SLP” have additionally seen huge purchasing pressures.

Axie Infinity Tokens Surging to the Moon

Different news sites have reported the flourishing Axie Infinity economy, as the undertaking’s non-fungible token (NFT) resources and its local token have soar in esteem. The task is essentially an Ethereum-based game that additionally offers a digitalmarket center and control conventions.

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Facebook’s VP of engineering and infrastructure, Santosh Janardhan, said in a blog entry:

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Axie infinity token (AXS), is utilized for administration and different activities inside the game. The game includes a battles between token-based pets called “Axies,” and players can gather things, breed the pets, and train them similar to Pokemon or Hearthstone game characters.

Axie a Ponzi Scheme?

The Axie Infinity world was created by a game studio made in 2018 called Sky Mavis. The game use a play-to-earn system and players can gather rare Axies and breed them by utilizing SLP. Axie Infinity players procure more assets by contending in PVP fights facilitated in the game’s adventure mode.

Blockchain-based games have gotten exceptionally well known as of late particularly with the development of NFTs and due to the COVID19 situation. With the play to earn system some Philippines esports fans are now turning to axie. Since individuals can actually earn in Axie and could possibly earn bigger dimes, more and more people are gravitating into it.

Thus, a few group have started to consider Axie Infinity a fringe Ponzi scheme type of modus. “Is it just me or [does] Axie Infinity feel like a Ponzi/pyramid scheme?” one individual twitted on Tuesday. Twitter is covered with slander remarks from others saying exactly the same thing. How about you guys? What are your insights about Axie Infinity? Is just a fad? Or it is here to stay? Share your opinions on the comment section.

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