PUBG: New State

Initially uncovered back in February this year, PUBG: New State is another age of Battle Royale on mobile devices, according to Krafton.

Pushing the boundaries in both working on the ongoing interaction mechanics and visuals, PUBG New State is by all accounts the start of another level for PUBG on mobile phones.

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The game will happen in a pristine area with somewhat futuristic settings, vehicles, and equipment for battle. Portraying the year 2051, in PUBG New State, you will attempt to be the sole survivor in any case, yet the principles of war have been refreshed.

The developers will want to utilize new, unique gameplay mechanics such as drone calls in PUBG New State to get more intel on your surroundings. The game seems to be more fast-paced than the original PUBG as the vehicles are also increased.

PUBG map New State is supposed to be launching on October 8. Just a heads up that it’s anything but an official date as the designer has not yet confirmed anything regarding the last delivery date of the game. Yet, it is by all accounts the most likely release date as of the moment.

Ready for this new update PUBG Philippines fans? You can pre-register now for PUBG New State on both Android and iOS gadgets. As per a report by Krafton during last month, more than 40 million players had pre-enlisted for the game until September 16.

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