PUBG mobile games have been extremely fruitful on both PC and mobile devices, which is the reason it’s been savagely upheld by developers with numerous updates that add intriguing joint efforts with significant brands, just as significant new gameplay features and incredible rewards.

The latest PUBG Mobile update presents another coordinated effort with Tesla that will permit players on both Android and iOS devices to construct their own self-driving vehicles. Update 1.5 includes a Gigafactory Erangel where players can construct a Tesla Model Y by enacting every one of the switches, making every  PUBG Philippines fan excited about the patch.


The new tech self-driving car created at the Tesla Gigafactory has an autopilot mode that can be triggered on the expressways on the guide to consequently take players to the area of preset markets along the freeway.

A similar update presents the purported Tesla Semi, self-driving vehicles formed by Tesla that will generate arbitrarily along the street in the game world. They will drive naturally on explicit courses and players can make them drop Supply Crates on the off chance that they bargain sufficient harm to these semis.

These new changes are important for an “innovative change of Erangel” and are remembered for update 1.5 alongside a bucket load of other new highlights and upgrades that you can find out about on the online e game site. Despite the fact that it probably won’t be the most well-known, PUBG Mobile is certainly among the 10 best esports fight royale games for Android and iOS devices. 

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