DOTA 2 ESL One Stockholm

Today, we are continuing our team preview collection for DOTA 2 ESL One Stockholm, concentrating on the SA and SEA regions. Both are usually connected with very high heights. However, they do not have consistency, and this Major will certainly indicate whether they improved hereof.


Fnatic positioning first in their region is a bit of a triviality, as BOOM had to surrender their suit against Nigma Galaxy, which compelled the tiebreakers. Still, more or less, a shared top place in the region with a single loss is an outstanding result and also, more importantly, a remarkably consistent result. No one questions the ability level of players representing the Fnatic tag, and it resembles the morale is likewise high.

As one of the much more experienced teams in the region, Fnatic is additionally rather versatile in their drafts. They can play meta heroes and any Rate One team, yet they likewise have several curveballs they can toss at an adversary. Most notably, DJ often plays high effect, greedier assistances and changes into an extra core for his team.

With Fnatic cores already being among the very best core players on the planet, the result is a highly terrifying and rather hoggish team who can take it all at the Major.


BOOM did not take care to safeguard their initial placement in the region this trip, but they are still a pressure to be considered. After minor roster adjustments, the team didn’t need recuperation time and still looks leading, regardless of losing the starting point tiebreakers.

They are additionally a rapid and aggressive group. With the constant initial phase Death Prophet selects, they can flex in several settings and a bit of an overreliance on Sand King; The group can be at a negative aspect: there are extremely few teams who were hit as hard as BOOM in 7.31 c.

Will grow figure out a new playstyle in time, or will they persist through the nerfs? We don’t understand. However, we know that this group is knowledgeable, skilled, and adequate to be a challenger for the Champion title at the Major.


T1 was one of the most successful SEA teams at the International as well, as perhaps the international phase matches the team far better than the local competitors. Besides, they have a somewhat various keep reading the meta, one that can, in theory, function better against non-SEA teams.

Otherwise, little has changed for the team, given that TI. They still play an uncharacteristically conservative design of Dota and typically favor reacting effectively, as opposed to being aggressive. They are also one of the much more farm-oriented SEA groups now, who truly value their Gyrocopter and Luna. Their signature heroes generally have a decent landing phase and can also farm the jungle as swiftly as in the previous spots.

Given their TI performance and how their playstyle remained untouched in 7.31 c, we have genuinely high hopes for T1 this Major. They might not be the most influential group in the region. However, they might be the very best worldwide team SEA has.


Thunder Awaken had an excellent run for the second time in a row, revealing that their Tour One prominence wasn’t a fluke. They have lost an overall of 2 maps across 2 scenic tours and also are unquestionably the strongest SA team right now. They are likewise our choice for the fascinating Dark Horse of the Major.

SA hardly ever has an opportunity to participate in high-level international competitions, which was constantly the area’s most significant issue. It is more challenging to have them at 3rd party international events, which leads to less exposure and training, which then covers back to the original problem of not being welcomed to even more competitions. It is a little a fatality spiral, and also, having teams be successful despite the odds being stacked versus them is breathtaking.

Thunder Awaken has a lot to provide, a minimum of as a group that has a very different keep reading the meta. Their top four most preferred choices are not even in the leading ten for various other regions as well as this can come as a shock to their challengers. An extraordinarily diverse and practically unblemished playstyle of Thunder Awaken could be the deciding variable at the Significant. Also, we genuinely believe they are a team that can realistically aim for the top 4.


Beast coast is no more the most excellent SA team, yet our company believes it is a good indication. The degree of competitors in the area is climbing as well as while BC left TI in a very bathetic fashion, it seems they have emotionally retrieved since then. Spirits are a considerable element, specifically in a team as firmly knit as Beastcoast: their roster has stayed together for nearly 3 years.

The group likewise has its brand name of Dota, possibly a little less effective than the one from Rumbling Awaken, however interesting nevertheless. Beast Coast has an all-in aggressiveness and lane supremacy in their drafts with extremely high tempo cores and hostile assistances. This style of Dota is to be enjoyable.

It can additionally be very successful if it captures the adversary not aware. 

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