RIOT Games VALORANT’s impending French sentinel Chamber appears to have a bug with his Headhunter ultimate ability, making it seem like the weapon has incredible accuracy. A Reddit client saw the bug while rehearsing with the specialist in the preparation range and thought about the backlash and precision between Chamber’s heavy gun and a Sheriff.

The Headhunter capacity allows Chamber to utilize a heavy pistol like the Sheriff. Players need to buy the slugs for Chamber’s unique firearm to use it. While the weapon doesn’t have any harm falloff and little backlash, the visual bug makes it seem as though the gun has no force by any means. This bug can be deceiving and make players miss their objective, regardless of whether the shots have all the earmarks of being arranged accurately.

The agent isn’t out on open servers yet, and players can just play him on the North American PBE server. Nonetheless, with a couple of days left for his dispatch, fans are concerned the agent might, in any case, not be up to the guidelines Riot Games expected for its agents.

RIOT previously deferred the agent’s dispatch since the agent wasn’t up to its quality guidelines. Players have recently revealed issues with the hit registration, which urged the developers to make a “state of hit registration” piece. The post examines the game’s mechanics finally. With the issue present in the PBE server, the engineers may be chipping away at a fix to determine the point before Chamber shows up on VALORANT update live servers on Nov. 16.

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