VALORANT Patch 3.01 acquainted critical changes with the expense of weapons and capacities, moving the whole in-game economy. It additionally added the game’s new robotic killer KAY/O, who can stifle foes and help his group clear destinations making online games Philippines and e-sport fans enthusiastic.

Patch 3.01 isn’t as game-changing, however it’s anything but a couple of irritating bugs to improve ongoing interaction and the generally speaking VALORANT experience.

Players can presently don’t put Sage’s Barrier Orb over shots while they’re noticeable all around. Skye can likewise at this point don’t enact her Guiding Light capacity while stifled. The bug that permitted KAY/O to be mended while brought down in NULL/CMD has been eliminated. Fix 3.01 likewise eliminated a visual bug that made Sova’s Recon Bolt seem as though it was sent while flying through the air.

A few social bugs have now been tended to, including the bug that permitted players to change text talk tones to imitate framework messages. The glitch causing the welcome catch UI to cover with the Defender Coach UI in custom games is settled and the bug causing player names to show up as a question mark was taken out.

It’s hazy what’s coming up for Patch 3.01, yet it’ll probably incorporate less extreme changes than its archetype. Uproar shared that Yoru will get huge buffs to work up his guile and psyche gamey playstyle. That might be put something aside for a later fix.

The following update ought to incorporate a fix for a few bugs that have sprung up. VALORANT bug catcher TPAXTOP found a way for Jett to play out a speed glitch utilizing Sage’s divider, for instance. Also, various online e-sport Philippines players are griping about a voice visit bug that doesn’t permit you to change the in-game volume of your partners.

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