Valorant’s fanbase and Valorant PH has concocted many images about various parts of the game. However, the brainchild behind the now notorious ‘restore me Jett’ appearance has unfortunately died.

One of the title’s most well-known images, ‘Revive me, Jett,’ was brought forth from a video where one player requested that the Duelist revive them when the person has no mending abilities. With Arcilla’s passing, there has been an overflow of help from the Valorant people group.

Valorant fan behind ‘restore me Jett’ dies.

In a now-erased Facebook post on a Filipino Valorant bunch, a companion of Arcilla passed on a contacting dedication to his confidant.

Deciphered generally as “you in a real sense did, in actuality, of your unbelievable line, ‘Jett, restore me!’ We can’t deal with that, all things considered, Lance Arcilla,” the declaration has been met with wraps of help from the game’s fanbase.

Arcilla’s mom affirmed the information on Facebook, expressing, “Thank you, anak, for the 21 years of magnificent recollections. You have generally been a fortune to us and will continuously be.”

“Riot Games definitely need to add this guy on a picture frame on some map,” suggests one player, while another noted, “maybe give Omen (the character he was playing) this voice line in the game.”

Another fan playfully proposes “on April Fool’s day they can make it so Jett ult can only revive Omen,” with a final response reading “Riot can just add another spray in honor of him in the next battle pass and a small portion of the proceeds will go to his family.”

Assuming there’s one thing that Valorant has become inseparable from during its just about two-year presence, it’s images.

From Sykkuno’s currently notorious ‘Lobster’ splash to wraps of fight pass content rotating around a portion of the game’s most entertaining minutes (and in some cases genuine ones), Riot Games have dominated fans over by not making too much of themselves. Spear has carved himself into history as a Valorant symbol, with his honest slip-up giving pleasure to players across the globe. In this way, whenever you’re in-game, prepare the ‘resuscitate me Jett’ shower to show him out in style.

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