Turkish VALORANT fans have spotted new banners alluding to the game’s impending specialist, matching the subject of late virtual entertainment mysteries and in-game changes.

New actual notices for the following VALORANT specialist have shown up in Turkey, further alluding to the new person’s capacities and how they’re continuously watching different specialists. As detailed by Cynprel, the promotions incorporate the text “Çok Yakında,” which means “very soon” or “extremely close.” While this notice uncovers no earth-shattering data on the new specialist, it lines up with other secrets and changes.

Fans have gotten a few mysterious clues about the new specialist’s capacities, history, and connection with different characters throughout the past couple of weeks. Fix 4.07 acquainted massive changes with the Shooting Range, adding Cipher’s office, including a long recording of various specialists finding and catching the rebel brilliant.

Another prison cell likewise showed up close to Brimstone’s office in the storm cellar, and a peculiar debuff happens when players enter the workplace. Creepy sounds can be heard around the reach, adding an alarming secret layer to the new specialist.

A new secret on Twitter showed Cypher caught in an unpleasant red room with many screens with eyes on the screens confronting him, examining the person that usually stays in the shadows. A similar red foundation and dark twirling goo show up on the banner, and players will probably see a capacity with similar attributes in-game soon.

Riot Games Valorant hasn’t authoritatively uncovered when the new person will show up in-game, yet they’re undoubtedly coming next act.

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